About Me

When I'm not grooving to tunes at my computer desk I can probably be found admiring the planet earth, noodling on musical instruments, or playing with friends. I am highly proficient at cooking elaborate meals out of a rice steamer and riding razer scooters. Back in the summer of '97 there was a secret going around the playground. According to Andrew, next year Mr. Riley's 5th grade class was going to be in the "Laptop Program." Luckily for me, I was going to be in that class. During the start of the year we spent a whole half day trying to save a file to a floppy disk. That winter I used MS paint to paint out a jungle gym from a digital photograph we took for the Media Center. They were amazed.

By the time high school came around I was already well versed in the world computer graphics. During my senior year I was allotted to take the AP art class where I had complete creative freedom. The class centered around the Scholastics Art Show that came at the end of the year. I entered 8 pieces and received 2 gold keys, 4 silver keys, and 3 certificates (1 was for my overall portfolio). I probably owed this success to the fact that my pieces were the only 3d ones in the entire show. From there I was offered several good scholarships to art schools around the country and eventually decided on SCAD.

After earning my B.F.A., I took an employment position at 38 Studios as an Assistant Artist in Providence, RI, which is currently where I am living.