Boxhead (maya, mentalRay, Photoshop, mudbox, After Effects)

This character was done for my senior film entitled "Boxhead." The character is a rough representation of my overly romantic self. I wanted something stylized, yet with a lot of realism and genuinity. I sat down with a highly talented artist by the name of Nha Hoang and we came up with these rough sketches (fig. 01)

(fig .01)

With some solid art laid out, I started the modeling process. With organic shapes (like a character) I use more of a patch modeling style. I build the main loops by extruding edges and then fill in the gaps. Simple enough, no?

Up next was laying out the UV's, exporting for a quick sculpt in Mudbox, and painting the textures. Most of the textures were photos of my own clothes. I used Mudbox to do basic projections to get rid of any pesky seams. Once the basic textures were laid out seam free I brought the maps into photoshop to do the crazy hyper detail and color work. From the color map i made the bump and spec maps and also exported a normal map of the sculpt from Mudbox (fig. 02)

(fig. 02)

From there I worked closely with Scott Kennel making the rig - complete with blendshapes and fancy controls. Then it was time to animate! ...finally

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