This scene was a set construction for "Hephaestus" - a massive 3d short film headed by Alex Curtis. Alex and his crew provided me with the concepts and reference (fig. 01) and I set off to complete the modeling (fig. 02)

(fig. 01)

(fig. 02)

The shaders for this scene utilize a modular technique to break each surface texture up into it’s own shader. For the clock shader (fig. 03) a mix between a clean copper metal and a blackened patina material is used. Each material is created as separate mia_material_x and has its own individual specular, bump, and color propoerties alowing for much greater control. The two materials are then blended together using a 2d black and white image acting as a mask and a mib_color_mix node. The same system is utilized on the floor shader to blend between 2 marble textures and a layer of dust (fig. 04)

(fig. 03)

(fig. 04)

The lighting for the scene was fairly simple. There are only 2 lights - a directional light for the sun, and a portal light casting light from the sky in through the holes in the roof (fig. 05)

(fig. 05)

Next up was light fog. I opted to go Mental Ray's slower, but much more accurate and awesome, parti_volume. The parti_volume node is a full volume shader that accurately simulates the way light reflects through simulated particles in the air. It was rendered in a separate pass for greater control in the composite (fig. 06)

(fig. 06)

After rendering out the occlusion, zDepth, and color alpha layers the scene was brought into After Effects and composited together.

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