Boxhead's Trailer (maya, mentalRay, Photoshop, mudbox, After Effects)

Here's Boxhead's trailer. The set is based off an old family cottage in northern Michigan that I spent a lot of time at. Most of the objects in the scene are inspired, if not exact copies, of objects found around that old cottage. To help develope the mood and lighting I again enlisted the help of Nha Hoang for some concept art (fig. 01)

(fig. 01)

Modeling here was pretty simple. I started with the basic proportions of the trailer and it's layout and then it was just a matter of adding in all the little knick knacks and details I had time for.

The lighting was acheived using a directional light to simulate the sun with an HRDI sky dome to provide the soft light from the big country sky. Portal lights were used in the windows to help bring in some extra light from outside (fig. 02)

(fig. 02)

After rendering out a beauty, occlusion, zDepth, light fog, and color alpha pass I composited the scene in After Effects. Good color correction and lens effects are key to bringing a realistic image to a photorealistic image. Depth of field, motion blur, bokeh, chromatic abberation, specular bloom, etc.

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